A little more mischievous than dark, Rocky Chance and Mowgli Moon, aka HE MET HER, focus on fun acquired not at the expense of others but instead from fantasy and creativity.

Sharing late nights with friends, parties at clubs, after parties at houses, the kind of nights that saunter into mornings amidst laughter, long talks and ultimately at their core... Music. Whether they are listening to their favorite artists or creating it themselves.

Most nights in Los Angeles, the duo end up in Le Dungeon, their home recording studio where they manage to turn their wild experiences and dreams into reality through music. The lifestyle is as colorful as the people in it and the music is the soundtrack to their days and nights. The two are constantly creating - whether it's their unique fashion style, which often leads to actually making their own head turning clothes and outfits, or merely creating images that are the snapshots and glimpses into their world of music.

Anxious to share their passion and creative outlets with others, HE MET HER have created their first EP, Crime Novela... described as retro-electro with a twist of sexxx... it's sensational disco with a hint of the glittering darkness of the Hollywood club scene. "Control" and "Take Me Tonight" both encompass a fun and seductive unabashed message while "Believe In Me" rings as an anthem of loyalty. "Run Run" grabs the listener by the hand while Rocky and Mowgli tempt them to join in on one night of fun. The final song, "Okay" finds the duo parting ways yet finding strength and positivity in being alone, even it if it is just for the night. Crime Novela is escapism at its finest... even if it is just for the moment.

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